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Holly focuses on supporting women through their wellbeing, fertility, pregnancy & birth journeys. Book a time to visit Holly at her homebased clinic sanctuary to be nurtured, supported and activated.

Specific bookings can be made on the services page.


Are you looking to shift trauma, fear and emotional blocks to feel greater peace, balance, joy, and vitality?

Are you wanting to fall pregnant?

To have a flowing pregnancy and an empowered birth?

I have over 15 years experience and practice 3 styles of acupuncture. Primarily 5 Element, TCM and Esoteric to promote deeper levels of inner connection, alignment and core support.

I’m also a trained Art Therapist and work with meridian tapping techniques.

I draw on all modalities to help my clients find deeper shifts, transformation for greater balance and resilience.


Eat to Boost Your Lungs In Autumn

The Energetics of Autumn Based on information found in 'Food For the Seasons,' Professor Lun Wong & Kath Knapsey Autumn is the season of Harvest and connects to the organ systems of the Lungs and Large Intestine.  It's a time when we're internally we're called to...

Home to the Earth Element

Sadly the party's over and it's time to ground ourselves again as the seasonal wheel has shifted from Fire to late Summer and the Earth Element...ahhhh... As fun as Summer is with all it's festivities and indulgences, the balance must return. Late summer with it's...

Fanning Your Fire Element

Are you starting to feel more joy flowing in? At this peak of Spring… the shift is from rebirth and action to joy and connection as we move into the energy of the Heart, the Fire Element and Summer. The need for rapid shifts and activity have simmered down, as we now...

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