A Five Element Road Map Out of Lockdown

Oct 21, 2021

Holly Brocklebank – 5 Element Acupuncturist

We entered our second lockdown and are re-emerging in Spring, the season of rebirth, not returning to the old, but are collectively re-birthing forward into the next chapter ahead. The Chinese Five Element wheel correlates to our organ systems emotions and inner archetypes. The key themes in this model can offer us a 5 element inspired road map out of lockdown.

Emerging in late Spring- Wood Element/ Liver & Gall Bladder

As Spring is the rebirth phase of the year and as we’re coming out of lockdown… we getting a second rebirth opportunity! The Liver can be seen as the archetype of our inner visionary and the Gall Bladder as our inner warriors… time to roar and take action!

Can you connect to hope and see your way forward again?.

These Wood meridians give us the energy…
to have new ideas
to move forward,
to have plans
to change who we are,
to be assertive,
to make decisions,
to have vision,
to have hope for our future.

    Move your Liver Qi:

    • Get your energy moving again :re-engage in exercise or activities that are possible again that energise your being! Shift off any stuckness or frustrations to shift feeling flat or depressed.
    • Move forward: Pick up a task that was put on hold or you’ve been procrastinating on!
    • Clear any negative lock down habits: ie too much coffee, late night screen time, overdoing the comfort snacks, sticking to the same walking tracks! Choose some new ones

    Time to reconnect- The Heart & the Fire Element

    We have been deprived of connection! Perhaps some relationships have dropped away leaving room for new connections..

    Fire is the energy of the Heart connecting the King or Queen of the body’s Kingdom and is fed though connection and our relationships. Time to fill our hearts, to feel safe, to feel in control, to be intimate, to have fun, to laugh and be excited.

    What connection is your heart yearning for?

    Time to enjoy feeding our inner fire elements:

    • Reconnect: Enjoy shaking off the disconnection of social distancing & catch up with people again; share and be vulnerable.
    • Smile, laugh and find what brings you joy again!

    Get out of your head: Earth Element/ Spleen and Stomach

    Earth connects to our mind in terms of contemplation or over contemplation/ worry and to the archetype of the inner mother as the abundant nurturer. Our nurturers may have been working over time if home schooling children and juggling personal needs.

    We’ve also possibly felt a little more mental or worried with the concerns for our family and loved ones through this pandemic, leaving us feeling unstable, needy, lonely or empty.

    What do you need right now to feel most nourished to fill your own cup?

    Nourish yourself:

    • Value our Earth: collectively get back on track with averting climate change which is the greatest issue of our time
    • Stop overthinking: too much contemplation isn’t good for anyone- time to get the balance back!
    • Be compassion: our inner children need us for reassurance as we may feel wobbled by the world as we re-enter it
    • Eat well: perhaps your diet has slipped in lockdown. Cut out the over comfort eating
    • Ground: Too much screen time-Get out of the mind and feet on the Earth regularly!

      Find the Value and higher learning: Metal Element/ Lung & Large intestine

      We have been through a momentous passage, where our personal or collective sense of trust and integrity has been challenged or called to rise.  Our ability to breath constrained, communication strained and we’ve been called to attune to our personal sense of higher truth.

      Our metal element connects to our inner Alchemist & our to find the gold in life, the value in ourselves and each other.

      What are the higher learnings we received through the Virus personally and as a collective? What we value and what matters most?

      Tune into what you value:

      • Enjoy Breathing & letting go: time to consciously expand into ease of breath again once we’re more free of masks – use breath as a way to release what’s not needed from our body, mind, spirit and emotions.
      • Speak your truth: feel aligned, find the value your in your own truth and that of others.

      Shift out of Survival- Water / Kidneys & Bladder

      Fear has been the undercurrent and is still so collectively prevalent. Perhaps you’ve struggled with feeling overwhelmed, panicked or aware of picking up on other people’s fear. Simply living with a dominant narrative around averting death may have worn you down. Tune into the archetype of your inner wisdom keeper, be discerning and willing to confront fear and to release it.

      Where has fear driven you into survival states of being?

      • Clear the fear: use techniques that work for you, seek support if needed
      • Find the courage: challenge where fear has crept in and influenced your flow in life
      • Feel safe: honour what makes you feel safe

      It’s a vulnerable time and if you feel like you’re struggling, get the care and support you need to find a greater sense of wholeness again. 5 Element acupuncture offers support to regain balance and resilience at a constitutional level.

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