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Dr. Holly Brocklebank is the director of innate being therapies and found her passion for assisting with women’s health, pregnancy and birth through  her own pregnancy journeys. Experiencing the power and benefits of acupuncture and acupressure through pregnancy gave her a great sense of purpose in this area and that of fertility.

A little About me:

I grew up supported by natural therapies so the calling to be a practitioner was well fostered. When I found my way to Chinese Medicine and the daoist understanding of the body being a self healing, regulating system symbiotic with nature… it made total sense to me.

I launched into my studies in Acupuncture at 19 and my reality flipped through the Chinese Medicine paradigm of understanding health and interconnection to wholeness. I graduated in 2000 with enthusiasm and gratitude for the power of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

When I hit my Saturn return phase at 27, I found my way to my next tool of practice being Emotional Freedom Technique which was a life saver. I started tapping with clients and it became a powerful tool in my practice.

Ten years in and I felt that something was missing and I felt called  to dive deeper into understanding the psyco-emotional domain and the Spirit. I completed Transpersonal Art Therapy which was stepping stone to Five Element and esoteric styles of Acupuncture. Five Element was a game changer as it offers the ability to work at a constitutional level, addressing the spirit and offering deep transformation, balance and resilience. This became my primary style of practice complemented by an integral and functional health perspective in the area of fertility.

My areas of focus:

General Health and Vitality: women’s health & emotional balance

Fertility: Men and women’s, natural and assisted

Pregnancy: supporting all phases, recovery and beyond

How I practice:

I bring my 23 years of wisdom, applying a holistic and functional health perspective, particularly in the area of fertility, to address individual needs. I aim to attune, clear and align the system for deeper levels of peace, balance and resilience to support empowered health, vitality, pregnancies, flowing births and optimal recovery.

In all forms of treatment, patent herbal formulas or supplements may be prescribed to further support treatments.

Why see Holly?

  • Practices 3 styles of acupuncture, TCM, 5 Element Acupuncture and Esoteric Acupuncture. These are powerful and deeply healing styles of acupuncture. Offers the most suited style of treatment for patient needs.

  • One of the few in Canberra to offer 5 Element Acupuncture and Esoteric Acupuncture

  • Takes and integral and functional health approach with blood tests in the area of fertility
  • Offers free acupressure for birth training to support people when women come to see us for birth preparation sessions.
  • Can be available to attend births while at home or in hospital, where allowed.
  • Offer home visits post birth
  • Offers Constitutional support, with our background training in Art therapy (as a form of psychotherapy) combined with meridian tapping ( a meridian energy release therapy)

  • Assists to clear trauma, stress, fears and challenging emotional states with focus on the fertility journey, pre and post birth for more empowered and integrated birthing experiences.

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