Autumn Alchemy

Apr 30, 2018

Our inner Alchemist

Just as the ancient alchemists attempted to transform base metals to gold, the inner alchemist extracts value and enhances self-worth, respect and appreciation. It helps clear the doubts and disappointments that can cloud our psyche and find value in ourselves and others.  It also transforms perfectionism to appreciation of ‘what is’ and regret to inspiration. I’ve truly needed my alchemist on side as I’ve met both the light and shadow side of my inner perfectionist in creating this post!

The Shift

The seasonal wheel has well and truly moved into Autumn and the metal element.

It’s time to breathe in and appreciate the glorious golden light, fresh air, the shortening of days, dropping of leaves, fallen and rotting fruit. These elements around all activate that deeper sense of impermanence and reverence to the passing of time and life.

Seasons do merge seamlessly from one the other and if we feel in we can attune our senses to the beginning of that shift. For example, a month ago, I awoke after dreaming of my Nanna’s passing with tears in my eyes. It seemed a bit random, as she passed away over 15 years ago, but it unconsciously opened up that place within of inner grief and loss.

Seasons and the elements

Early Taoist philosophers used the metaphor of the Five Elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, to explain the relationship, interaction, and ongoing change of everything in the Universe.

We take our first breath into life and one day we will let go of our last breath into death. Thus finally releasing through the corporeal soul/ P’o, the spirit of the lung.  Big themes are letting go of loss and disappointment. We breathe in the new through our lungs and let go through our large intestine, hence the connection to these organ systems.

Connection to Father

Autumn also connects us to the father energy. Perhaps through the stilling of the atmosphere, connection to breath, air, sky upward and outward combined with the reverence and sense of impermanence all in one.  We are directed towards feeling more of that heavenly connection to the divine/ father/ God/ creator force.

In Taoist and western psychology, the father figure is the most important influence in the self-esteem of a child. This influence imprints the virtues of respect, clear guidance, discipline, self reliance, integrity, affirmation on accomplishment, moral authority and self respect. .

‘This is the season of passing glory, echoing the transience of life and our own troubled uncertainties in the face of this unalterable fact. It is the most vivid of all seasons, bringing it’s splendor to bear upon all things as it flares up briefly before fading away to nothing.’Nora Franglen, ‘Keepers of The Soul’

As a five element acupuncturist, I look to uncover each person’s constitutional element. If these themes deeply resonate, perhaps metal is could be yours?

Enjoy the Autumn Alchemy.

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