Upcoming Events

Autumn Release Mini Retreat

Join Holly and Angie on a transformative journey to explore the profound connection between Autumn, the lungs, and the Metal Element through the lens of Chinese medicine. As nature gracefully sheds its leaves in preparation for winter, Autumn urges us to let go of what no longer serves us. This transition into the golden season invites us to embrace self-care and mindfulness, aligning with the energies of Autumn and the Metal Element to cultivate peace and presence.

Winter Mini Retreat

Join Holly and Angie on a journey delving into the enchantment of Winter and the Water Element. Explore how this mystical energy draws us inward, urging us to surrender, replenish, and restore through movement, nutrition, and Chinese medicine approaches. Within this energy lies a profound connection to our Kidney and Bladder systems, offering us an opportunity for deep reflection, regeneration, and inner wisdom.