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Fertile Being Session

Innate Being Therapies offers inclusive support to hetro and LBTQIA individuals and couples on their fertility journeys.  Infertility is affecting more and more individuals and couples in issues that may vary dramatically. You may be experiencing difficulty conceiving or suffering recurrent miscarriages. The truth is that very few women are actually clinically infertile.

What’s involved in this session:

  • Learn to regulate and enhance the quality of your menstrual cycle and ovulation
  • Improve the quality of your fertile mucus
  • Enhance your egg development
  • Improve the quality of sperm
  • Increase your pregnancy changes if undergoing IVF


This service can also be booked with a tapping add-on. The tapping add-on is a combined therapies option which explores issues at a deeper level combining your fertile being session with meridian tapping and coaching to shift issues and anxieties during your consultation.


75 mins. Consultation



Tapping Add-on

30 mins. @ $90.00

Master your Fertility


75 mins. Consultation



With sperm quality on the decline, men can account for being over 50% of the reason for a couple’s infertility. However, treating male fertility is easier to treat than female fertility, as men constantly and quickly reproduce sperm. 

If you are experiencing difficulties getting pregnant, it is essential to have the male partner’s sperm checked via a comprehensive sperm analysis. The lifecycle of sperm, from production to ejaculation is 72-90 days….so it’s better to know if there are quality issues to work with then to make appropriate lifestyle adjustments, receive acupuncture, herbs, and supplements rather than waste valuable time.

Having enough motile and normally shaped sperm is essential to conception. Male fertility is primarily assessed via sperm analysis. This is a simple process of asking either a fertility specialist or your primary physician to order a sperm sample to the lab for testing. Sperm issues may include sperm quantity and/or quality.

Normal sperm count values are currently given as:

  • Greater than 20 million sperm per ml
  • Greater than 50% of sperm moving vigorously (motility)
  • Greater than 14 % with no deformities (morphology).
  • A population study looking at men’s fertility found that those men that succeeded in fathering a child had:
  • Greater than 48 million sperm per ml
  • A motility of more than 63%
  • A normal morphology of 12% (New England Journal of Medicine 345(19):1388-1393).

    A combination of fertility acupuncture, herbal medicine, stress reduction and diet therapy may assist to optimize a man’s sperm quality in the following ways:

    • Increasing sperm count (quantity of sperm)
    • Improving sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move )
    • Improving sperm morphology (the shapes of the sperm )
    • Correcting some immune factors such as anti-sperm antibodies that can interfere with conception

    Optimal sperm tests to seek:

    • Semen volume
    • Sperm count
    • Sperm morphology
    • Sperm motility
    • Sperm PH
    • Colour
    • Liquification
    • Viscosity
    • Antisperm antibodies
    • DNA fragmentation


    Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can effectively increase sperm production, improve sperm movement (motility), increase the percentage of healthy sperm, improve the levels of hormones responsible for fertility, and increase pregnancy rate when used in conjunction with ART studies.

    World Journal for Men’s Health:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Remedy for Male Infertility: A Review

    ‘Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) may represent a useful option for infertile men. It has been demonstrated that TCM can regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis and boost the function of Sertoli cells and Leydig cells. TCM can also alleviate inflammation, prevent oxidative stress, reduce the DNA fragmentation index, and modulate the proliferation and apoptosis of germ cells. Furthermore, TCM can supply trace elements and vitamins, ameliorate the microcirculation of the testis, decrease the levels of serum anti-sperm antibody, and modify epigenetic markers.’

    Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities. Gurfinkel E et al Asian J Androl. 2003 Dec;5(4):345-8.

    ‘A prospective, controlled, and blind study put two randomized groups of infertile men into an acupuncture group and a control group. After 10 treatments, the acupuncture group patients demonstrated a significant increase in the percentage of normal forms compared to the control group’

    Allow 3 months

    For treatment, both for men trying to conceive naturally and with assisted reproductive technology (IVF/IUI/ICSI). This involves an initial consultation and acupuncture treatment then 3 months of follow up treatments where needed and a treatment plan for the most appropriate herbs, lifestyle recommendations and supplements.

    Ivf Support

    Are you trying to conceive, but it’s taking longer than you expected? We work with acupuncture, Chinese medicine herbal formulas, and western supplements and meridian tapping to optimise your chances at conceiving. Going through IVF can also be very stressful for an individual or both partners which is why I always address deeper emotional needs in each session as well.

    When Should I Seek Support:

    Ideally, it’s recommended to have support for 3 months or, at the bare minimum a month, prior to the embryo transfer. Allowing this preparation time assists with stress levels and can assist to correct any underlying imbalances. It is then most recommended to get a session before and after transfer ( as close as possible) then followed on day 4 post and weekly for the first trimester.

    What’s involved in this package:


      75 mins



      Tapping Add-on

      30 mins. @ $80

      Other Information:
      In cases where there is a history of miscarriage, treatments are rommended weekly after day 9 blood confirmation to assist in holding the pregnancy.


      1 x 90 min combined therapies initial consultation $190

      3 x 45min Acupuncture Consultations $90 each


      $460 with 10% off discount = $414

      The Ins and Outs of Optimal Fertility

      When in good health there will be no premenstrual symptoms (PMS, bloating, breast tenderness or period pain) or mid-cycle spotting. i.e. regular cycle is between 28 to 30-day cycle with a bleed of 3-5 days no clots

      Cervical mucous is extremely important as it aids the sperm to swim into the fallopian tubes. It’s produced a few days before ovulation so the sperm can be waiting within the fallopian tube when the egg is released. Without it, the sperm will die before arriving at their destination.

      In TCM, we understand that the menstrual bleeding reflects the quality of the uterine lining. The lining appears to be important for implantation, especially in relation to IVF failure or recurrent miscarriage.

      TCM aims to increase the thickness and quality of this lining. It does this through promoting corpus luteal function (which in turn produces progesterone) and through its documented action of increasing blood flow to the uterus (Human Reproduction 11:1314-1317).

      Ovulation occurring between days 13-15 is optimal.

      Ideally, it is expected that a woman will experience menstrual bleeding for at least 3 to 5 days – fresh red blood with no clots.

      May improve egg development

      Genetic material for a woman’s eggs are created when the woman is herself an embryo, the process of the egg maturing comes under the influence of her hormones. Clinically, it also appears possible to influence the integrity of the eggs released following acupuncture treatment. This may be due to increasing the blood supply to the developing follicles or by increasing the nutritional supply to the egg via the fluids that surround and nourish it.

      Improving sperm quality

      Get into the best possible state of pre-conception health.

      (New England Journal of Medicine 345(19):1388-1393).

      We recommend couples use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for pre-conception care, to boost your wellbeing and lay a good foundation for a healthy and problem-free pregnancy.

      Allow 6 months…

      Of course you want to be in the best state you can be to conceive to welcome a smooth pregnancy, healthy baby and the energy required for post natal recovery and parenthood.

      Even if your biological clock is ticking or your egg reserve is “running low” it is still important to improve your foundational fertility and general health before commencing IVF. Acupuncture in combination with Herbal medicine can help to improve egg reserve and invigorate the reproductive system, making your IVF attempt more likely to succeed. To get optimal outcomes, it’s important to get into a greater state of flow and balance in your being to support your innate fertile potential. It is recommended that the greatest outcomes are achieved when both partners attend treatments. Even if the sperm count is deemed adequate, it’s important to acknowledge the following research outcomes:

      Normal sperm count values are currently given as:

      • Greater than 20 million sperm per ml
      • Greater than 50% of sperm moving vigorously (motility)
      • Greater than 14 % with no deformities (morphology).
      • A population study looking at men’s fertility found that those men that succeeded in fathering a child had:
      • Greater than 48 million sperm per ml
      • A motility of more than 63%
      • A normal morphology of 12%

      (New England Journal of Medicine 345(19):1388-1393).

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