Fanning Your Fire Element

Apr 30, 2018

Are you starting to feel more joy flowing in?

At this peak of Spring… the shift is from rebirth and action to joy and connection as we move into the energy of the Heart, the Fire Element and Summer.

The need for rapid shifts and activity have simmered down, as we now open to greater expansion and social connection!  Just this week I noticed the sense of ease, joy, a more effortless smile, coupled by dreams of love, connection, travel and fun that had me laughing and crying in my sleep.  For me, these unconscious themes always symbolise the early shift from one season to another.

When the energy shifts between seasons, it always feels like a shake up or an energetic game changer and it’s the best time to tune in and receive the insights…right now it’s all about our heart and our joy.

We’re right in it so what’s shifting for you?

The seasonal wheel…

The Daoist 5 element seasonal wheel of the year always starts afresh in Spring and the Wood element. We emerged from Winter into Spring and with it comes newness, growth, activation, inspired by the potential of seeing our way forward again.

Poetically, the early Spring blossoms have now popped, are being pollinated towards fruiting or have dropped and what’s left are shedding on the wind.

We’ve been activated, have planted seeds for our year to come, now it’s time to start celebrate the promise of ripening fruit, both metaphorically and actually. Remaining flowers are vivid in full bloom like the sun which has gone from the returning  of warmth  to a greater  brightness above. The sun, and all it represents, energises us and reflects so much of what the Fire element is about.

On the five element wheel, figuratively wood ( liver and gall bladder) burns to make Fire (the heart/ small intestine) just as the seeds we plant bear fruit. Energetically, if we keep our physical energy flowing with passion and purpose, we can direct it towards creating things that bring a sense of Joy and satisfaction in life.

The Fire element organs and archetypes…

The Fire element rules the organ systems of the Heart, Small intestine, Heart Protector and Triple heater along with the circulatory and autonomic nervous systems. Our heart’s are likened to the inner kingdom that holds the “heavenly mandate” set by the emperor (our Shen), whom unifies the whole being . Our small intestine offers the ability to calm the mind through discrimination, prioritization, simplification and discernment. The Heart Protector gives the heart protection against feeling vulnerable and insults in relationships while spreading consciousness and love through the whole being.  The triple Heater serves to transforms food into energy for the heart and helps circulate it.

The archetypes are of the Lover and the Protector of the Heart.

‘The Fire archetypes of the Lover and Protector of the Heart represent the capacity to develop the deepest and most intimate connection between people and are the root or erotic love.’ For fire element constitutional people, these themes are essential in feeling happy and well adapted in life. Charles Moss

When  balanced, our fire energy holds joy, optimism, open heartedness, intimacy, generosity of the spirit and heartfelt expressions of love, smiling, laughter and sunshine into life.  The need for excitement, enthusiasm , love and intimacy needs to be balanced with a calm inner heart connection. When our fire is exhausted, blocked or scattered.. we may feel  flat, apathetic or unenthusiastic.  Just like that sense of when the sun drops behind the clouds….we’re left in shadow and yearn for it’s return.  The sound is laughter….time to lighten up!

‘Wouldn’t it be nice if the internal “sun” ( a correspondence for the Fire in the natural world) shined every day, bringing illumination and joy?”  That is the well-adapted energy from the Fire Element. It gives us the power to engage and contact the outside world and develop relationships, to get “fired up,” have a spark, and be excited about life.  It corresponds to courage and conviction, manifestation of goals, enthusiasm and energy’.

Charles A Moss

Quick Fire check in’s…

  • Are we open hearted and generous?

  • Do we smile and laugh at life?

  • Are you calm?

  • Feel optimistic?

  • Feel lovable?

  • Feeling socially connected?

  • Enjoying play, things that bring joy?

  • Keeping it simple?

  • Try writing a list of 10 things you love in life and do them!

  • Do a vision board of words and images that really express what you love and wish to energise!

  • find GRATITUDE for all that you can every day or even start a gratitude group with friends…text each other 10 things you’re grateful for as frequently as possible!

As we spiral up towards the full yang and peak of the year, the festive season, being Summer Solstice… celebrate life, smell the roses, dance in the kitchen, let people know you love and appreciated them, look for the bright side, reach out to those you love whatever brings more joy…it all opens up more flow in our hearts. If these themes strongly resonate for you, perhaps Fire is your constitutional element…

Enjoy fanning your inner Fire!

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