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Activating & empowering  you in fertility, pregnancy, birth & wellbeing.

Shift issues or areas of pain and discomfort through 5 Element Acupuncture. Experience greater healing,  transformation in your body, mind, and spirit.

 This combined therapies approach allows greater reach to fully explore and release fears, traumas, phobias, stresses and anxieties through tapping, felt sense work complemented by acupuncture.

Activate your system, to align with the vibration of love and wisdom. It’s very gentle and involves superficial needles in sacred, geometric, grid-like patterns over the body.


Biohack your cells, reverse oxidative stress and help your body function at an optimal level.  Feel the health enhancing benefits!

Are you trying to conceive, but it’s taking longer than you expected? Holly works with the proven benefits of acupuncture together with meridian tapping and transpersonal processes to optimise your chances at conceiving naturally.

Experience your fertile potential following the fertile life program of acupuncture, diet therapy, herbal medicine and supportive supplements. Experience a flowing pain-free menstrual cycle and a greater readiness for pregnancy.

Work through your vision and plan for your birth, meridian tapping and acupuncture treatment which can assist in a vast range of issues from morning sickness to hemorrhoids.

Recommended for 36-40 weeks. An ideal way to prepare for an effective labour, motherhood and induction. Includes support with meridian tapping work, to release any fears.

Pre-birth support based on your needs and 2 postnatal sessions to aid recovery. Usually purchased alongside the “Blissful Birth & Induction” package.

Support from birth prep, birthing journey, recovery (with flexibility to adjust sessions) and the ultimate in acupuncture birthing support.

Home sessions are held at day 5 and day 14 to nourish energy, blood and recovery. Energise key points over the womb to enhance recovery and energy flow.

Birth is a vulnerable place and it’s easy to feel elements of the birthing experience challenging. Using meridian tapping and acupuncture, release emotions and trauma that may linger post birth to strengthen and balance your system.

Once your scar has healed, at around 6 weeks, it the perfect time to warm things up through the use of moxabustion and acupuncture. All scar bridging treatments involve catering the session to support over all health and recovery.

Have the placenta encapsulated so the hormone supply in the placenta can help stabilise hormones. This can assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state, reduce post-natal bleeding, increase milk production…

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